Various Culture Activities

Worcester Gymnasium provides a variety of cultural activities that gives learners a glimpse into the exciting world of contemporary arts.

Cultivate your child’s potential

A child’s hidden potential never flourishes accidently.

The opportunity for such development must be created.

At Worcester Gymnasium there is an abundance of opportunities to get involved in all aspects of culture – be it centre stage or back stage; in front of the camera or behind the camera ; handling the technical aspects of singing or the technical aspects of sound.

Encouraging your child to become involved in a cultural activity will not only unlock their hidden potential, it might open a whole new world of possible career paths.




Mr & Miss WG



5 Art Subjects Available



Hospitality Evenings


Earth Club

Cultural Tours




WG Productions – Filmit Project


First Aid

From culture to sports. The highlight of culture has always been how the whole school looked forward to every 2nd year “musical”, not only because you got a little off at school, but that if you were not part of it you missed out.

Hugo Kloppers
Matric 2006

I can say, without a doubt, that Worcester Gymnasium is a good school. They taught me moral values: to remain humble, to be myself and always to do my best. It doesn’t matter in which crowd you are; don’t change for other’s sake, because Bosvarke are unique.

Cheswyn Ruiters
Performing artist and winner of “Maak my Famous”
Matric 2014

For me as a young artist and dreamer, this culturally diverse school had a very big impact on my identity as a young coloured girl. There was a dialogue about my future and I was exposed to so many opportunities and possibilities about what I could do if I only wanted to do it. Sending me to Gymnasium was the best decision my parents could have made.

Shimmy Isaacs
One of SA’s most highly regarded female comedians
Matric 1999

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