Sporting Excellence

We aim to have a healthy balance of academic, cultural and sporting activities while staying on the front line of every pursuit.

With various sports to choose from, there is a place for each learner, regardless of their degree of expertise, interests or goals.
Sport nurtures confidence, teaches collaboration and supplies a common purpose which creates a feeling of unity and community.
Through sport, Gimmies learn how to win and lose graciously. It creates the opportunities for them to learn to lead; to be driven and to co-operate with a variety of personalities as part of a team.
Sport is critical to the emotional, social and physical development of our learners and all learners are encouraged to take part in both a winter and summer sport.

Our sport directors

Rugby: JJ Pretorius

Hockey: Frederik Olivier

Netball: Minneke Janse van Rensburg

Cricket: Rayno Arendse














My years as a Gimmie are some of my most cherished memories. Worcester Gymnasium created endless opportunities for me, not only in sport which is my passion, but also in academics, culture, leadership and socialising. I was able to build new friendships and learnt wisdom from others, which I use daily. I am forever grateful what Worcester Gymnasium offered me.

Wenda Nel

400m hurdles SA champion and Olympics athlete
Matric 2006

The school provides a lot of support. If you are less fortunate, they will help you be the best you can be and enjoy the privileges you otherwise would not have had. All learners are treated the same and are given equal opportunities. It is one of the best schools and I would recommend it to any new learner.

Rogail Joseph
SA hurdles athlete in Olympic training squad
Matric 2018

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